The Old Testament Explained by Fr. Conley Bertrand

The more time spent in personal prayer, reflection, and study of the Scriptures before the meeting, the more fruitful the sharing will become during the meeting itself.

In preparing for the discussion, suggested Scripture commentaries are The Sunday Readings by Father Kevin O'Sullivan, bible dictionaries, and explanations in orthodox Catholic publications. Only through this faithful, weekly preparation will the members come to experience fully the grace of Come, Lord Jesus!

No longer will the SUNDAY Gospel Commentaries by Fr. Conley Bertrand be posted on the website. If you wish, you may purchase a hard copy for a suggested donation of $10 - Cycle A and Cycle C (used last year). Praise God! We are having growing pains, and since we are able to offer you the  printed version,  we feel that our limited staff may be better served elsewhere. Plus, you can take it wherever you go (no need for a computer!) Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.